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I had never seen someone die before...

I had never seen someone die before. That sweet little girl was now lifeless. Was she even three years old? All because of dirty water. Her entire family had come in the day before; mom, dad and three siblings. They all had been drinking water from the contaminated river. Cholera got them. Cholera killed her.


That moment changed my life.


We had been asked to go to Haiti in October 2010. I didn't really know what to expect, I just thought we would be there for post earthquake relief. Clearly God had different plans. When we arrived in the most remote area of Haiti, people started showing up to our medical clinic with cholera. The week became consumed with treating cholera patients. Cholera drains all of the hydration out of a person and eventually kills them. We had surgeons and paramedics desperately trying to get IV needles into severely dehydrated patients. People laid all over the floor of a Bible school that had become a makeshift clinic. I changed diapers on children and adults alike. I had never seen anything like it.


The government had no medical personnel, no sanitation system, no clean water, no sewer system....how could this be?


I decided I had to do something.


Can I just write a check and donate for one clean water system somewhere in the world? Sure. Can I write a check and donate for five clean water systems?  Maybe.  But does that solve the problem? No. We have power in numbers.


I decided to start Quenching Well, a place where I could sell items promoting clean water.  The profits that I raise from these products will go directly towards sponsoring clean water programs. These clean water programs will be run by Christian organizations that already do this type of work well! We will just be using our funds to get it done.


I love buying products with a purpose and that's why I started Quenching Well. Collectively we have the money, the technology, and the resources to provide everyone with clean water. 


I hope that you join me on this journey. God bless.