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Some exciting changes!

We are working on some new things around here, including our look and name! Stay tuned for more details!

We are excited to announce our next water project has been identified.  We will be working with our friends at Lanna Coffee (check them out at https://www.lannacoffeeco.com/) and the Integrated Tribal Development Program (learn more here http://www.itdpinternational.org/projects/) to put in clean water in Northern Thailand.  We will need between $12,000 and $15,000 to fully fund this project. We also have the option to offer education and clean sanitation in the same area for additional money.  

Northern Thailand has 300 - 400 hill tribe villages with at least 6 different people groups.  They are resource poor. ITDP has done almost 250 projects over the years and we are excited to be collaborating with them.

We appreciate any donations you can offer, prayer over the project and are happy to answer any questions you may have related to this!

Donations can be made online or mailed to 2795 East Bidwell Street #100-649, Folsom, CA 95630.


What does your money say about you?

I sat in church service today, reflecting on the Biblical views of money.  Dave Ramsey was speaking.  He explained that there are four stages of money:

1-NOW – you have to pay your utilities, rent, etc.  This is living paycheck to paycheck.

2-THEN – this starts when you are out of debt and begin planning for retirement, college for children, etc.

3-US – this is where you plan to leave inheritance for generations to come (Proverbs 13:22 - A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous.

4-THEM – this is where you look externally, into the world, to find where you can make an impact.


I want to talk about the “THEM” part of money.  How do you decide where to spend your money? What products to buy? What companies to support? What does your money say about you....it's pretty simple to find out.  Look at what you spent the most on last month. That is what is most important to you!


I want my money to count.  I want it to make a difference.  $5 could go toward your morning latte, or it could buy a lifesaving mosquito net for someone in Africa. $500 could buy you the latest iPad or it could buy a heifer for a starving family, resulting in income and food. $7000 could buy a family of 4 a luxurious Disney World trip or it could build a well in Haiti and provide for a village for generations to come.


I’m not saying that we should not enjoy a morning coffee or a family vacation.  What I am saying, though, is that we can work collaboratively to purchase products that benefit a cause outside of ourselves.  This is exactly why I started Quenching Well.  I want you to be able to buy every day, usable products, while knowing that the profits go to help others with clean water.  You can buy products anywhere, but are you fattening a CEO’s pocket, or are you helping those less fortunate who desperately need our help?


Below are some companies I enjoy supporting.

Lanna Coffee http://www.lannacoffeeco.com/

Modern Abolition http://www.modernabolition.com/

3 Strands Global http://www.3strandsglobal.com/

Quenching Well  http://quenchingwell.com/

Toms http://www.toms.com/

Feed Projects https://www.feedprojects.com/bags


Please feel free to share which organizations you like to support in the comments!

I had never seen someone die before...

I had never seen someone die before. That sweet little girl was now lifeless. Was she even three years old? All because of dirty water. Her entire family had come in the day before; mom, dad and three siblings. They all had been drinking water from the contaminated river. Cholera got them. Cholera killed her.


That moment changed my life.


We had been asked to go to Haiti in October 2010. I didn't really know what to expect, I just thought we would be there for post earthquake relief. Clearly God had different plans. When we arrived in the most remote area of Haiti, people started showing up to our medical clinic with cholera. The week became consumed with treating cholera patients. Cholera drains all of the hydration out of a person and eventually kills them. We had surgeons and paramedics desperately trying to get IV needles into severely dehydrated patients. People laid all over the floor of a Bible school that had become a makeshift clinic. I changed diapers on children and adults alike. I had never seen anything like it.


The government had no medical personnel, no sanitation system, no clean water, no sewer system....how could this be?


I decided I had to do something.


Can I just write a check and donate for one clean water system somewhere in the world? Sure. Can I write a check and donate for five clean water systems?  Maybe.  But does that solve the problem? No. We have power in numbers.


I decided to start Quenching Well, a place where I could sell items promoting clean water.  The profits that I raise from these products will go directly towards sponsoring clean water programs. These clean water programs will be run by Christian organizations that already do this type of work well! We will just be using our funds to get it done.


I love buying products with a purpose and that's why I started Quenching Well. Collectively we have the money, the technology, and the resources to provide everyone with clean water. 


I hope that you join me on this journey. God bless.