Uganda water!

We are beyond excited to partner with African Renewal Ministries and Set Free Life Church in Uganda!

The village has water, but needed a way to store it. We helped provide for a holding tank and the necessary infrastructure.  Funded September 2018.  Completed October 2018

They have since realized they need an additional holding tank and structure.  Funding was just sent for that.  Funded December 2018. Completed December 2019.

We were also able to fund sanitation and education in December 2019.  Completed February 2019.

Total Cost: $11,504


San Mai Pattana, Thailand

We are ecstatic to announce our second funded water project.  The remote village named San Mai Pattana in Chiang Mai, Thailand was assessed in 2017 for water.  This village was established five years ago.  They only have nine homes! Residents are mostly farmers and all are buddhist. This provides us a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus!


The village does not have a school, clinic, or any other services.  Our project will provide:

  1. clean water (filter, tank, pipe and five faucets)
  2. four toilets
  3. training on sanitation
  4. family gardens for each home    

Project cost: $12,000

Funded April 1, 2018

Completed May 25, 2018


Organizations we collaborated with: Lanna Coffee and 

International Tribal Development Program



El Jaral, Honduras

The El Jaral, Honduras project includes a water filtration system with tanks, manifolds and purification equipment which provides a minimum of 5,760 gallons of clean water per day. More than 5400 people each year benefit from the clean water this provides.The water system was placed at the only medical clinic within many hours; providing for adults, children, births and surgeries. It serves both Hondurans and Guatemalans. Before the system went in, water is available about 6 hours a day, but was contaminated and often a brown color. The number one cause of childhood mortality in the Copan area is from intestinal problems, caused by parasites in unclean water. We are in the process of acquiring the equipment and beginning the foundation for the system.

Quenching Well began only eight short months ago. Our dream and vision are clear - raise funds to provide clean water with the opportunity to learn about Christ.

We appreciate your continued support (did you know you can sign up for a reoccurring tax deductible monthly donation under our website in the donation section?). We are working on our next project and hope you will join us!

Project cost: $13,565
Individuals benefiting per year: 5,400+

Funded January 7, 2017

Foundation completed January 20, 2017

Water project completed February 7, 2017

Water project open to the community February 8, 2017

Organizations we collaborated with: The Rice Foundation. Learn more at

Check out the video here! El Jaral